optimize the experience

HIP Solutions, longtime DMAI Business Partner,
brings new innovation to the meetings industry.
A resolutionary, turn key iPad meetings app
that will change the way DMOs sell,
showcase and promote their
destination professional

Because the benefits are
too BIG to ignore.

The iSaleskit is the tool of choice for DMOs because
of its efficiency and capacity to transform an ordinary
presentation and trade show booth into an extraordinary,
immersive experience. "It makes DMOs better at what
we do!" says Karen Williams of DMAI.

Karen Williams is recognized as one of the leaders in our industry with
more than 14 years experience as CEO of the Greater Louisville
CVB and now the head of Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales for
DMAIs Destinations Showcase.

Inspiring new innovation
in the meetings industry.

The days of hanging up a banner, putting out
stacks of literature and handing out candy and
widgets at trade shows are long gone. Planners
expect more and deserve more. DMOs must
align their marketing vision with todays cutting
edge technology.


A turn key solution that effectively
organizes and brilliantly showcases
your premier meeting amenities in
the experiential environment of the
iPad. One where you could instantly
access any asset (photos, floor plans,
maps and more) with the touch of
a finger.

The world's most advanced
operating system

Our platform utilizes Apples' iOS technology
to ensure optimum efficiency in flow, function,
speed and design. We are raising the bar in
the planner experience and stand committed
to the highest standards of excellence in this
fast emerging technology space.

Tablets are the tool of choice

Tablets are not a fad but a trend that will continue to evolve. DMOs must
align their marketing strategies to accommodate the planners tool of choice
and reap the benefits of this experiential technology.
Tablet web traffic comes from iPad.
Fortune 500 companies piloting or deploying iPad.
U.S. school districts piloting or deploying iPad.


turns your sales team into a marketing juggernaut.
turns your booth into a powerful sales platform.
aligns your destination with future trends and technology.
reap the benefits of the world's fastest growing technology!

Optimize the selling experience.

The DMAiSalesKit delivers breakthrough
technology at a fraction of the cost. An
affordable turn key solution that will
optimize the selling process, put your
DMO in a position to compete and enhance
a planners decision making process in
considering your destination as potential
meetings site.

Reap the benefits of the iSaleskit
amazing mirroring technology!

Imagine the impact of mirroring your destinations premier meeting amenities to a big screen! We'd like to show you how to turn your booth into a powerful platform and your presentation into an extraordinary experience.

it just makes sense ...

upscale, intuitive, engaging ... the iSalesKit creates an immersive experience and positions our brand on the forefront of tech savvy innovation.
- Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve

affordable innovation ... sign up today!

  • $15,999.00
  • 50%
  • $7,500.00
  • $499.00
  • $7,999.00
*Licensing Fee covers software maintenance, content management, technical support and includes free software and content updates. License fee starts one year from the date of app delivery and is renewable and optional on an annual basis: $1,800/year.

For more information please contact:

Buck Buckley - Custom App Developer
P: 760 . 295 . 7575
C: 760 . 519 . 4653
E: buck@hipsolutions.net